Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Stella's Last Ride

We went on a Monday.  Carrying Stella to the car for her last ride before we said good-bye was a heartbreaking endeavor.  My daughter armed with a little girls purse full of treats, toys and love for a dog sat in the backseat with her hands full of beads and necklaces for us all to wear while we let Stella go.

On the other side of town were our friends Carrie and Paul with their Boxer Zephyr doing the same thing we were doing...saying goodbye to their boy Zephyr.  Stella and Zephyr were brother and sister. Yes, the same litter, the same Sire and Dame.  Both siblings had Degenerative Myelopathy and could no longer walk on their own.  We all found strength and a sort of peacefulness about the thought of letting them go the same day.

We sat in our Vet's "Quiet Room" on a leather sofa holding Stella and telling her how much we loved her.  Stella got to wear the pink beaded necklace with her St. Francis medallion collar.  As we felt Stella letting go we whispered to her to look for Zephyr, he's waiting for you.  And then she was gone. Our beautiful brindle, funny, loving boxer, gone. One last kiss, one last look, and we walked out in silence.  I held on to her St. Francis medallion and cried.

It was a quiet ride home.  All I remember is that "The Sound of Silence" remake by Disturbed was on SiriusXM, and my daughter held on to her purse full of Stella treats and starred out the window thinking little girl thoughts and telling us we will see Stella again.  Ahhhh to be young and full of wonder and hope!

Farewell to two beautiful Boxers, Stella and Zephyr.  They came in to this world together... so, within an hour of one another they left us and crossed the rainbow bridge together.

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  1. It was a soulful day and we will always be grateful that we were able to meet you through them and then send them off together. I whispered into Zephyr's ear..."wait for Stella and carry her over". They were such troopers with what they were dealt and I will always be stronger for it. love, love, to you my dear Kelly and Kevin and Karly