Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Beautiful Teak Box

I picked up my girl from the Vet last Thursday. This time, I carried her out in a beautiful small teak box. I sat down in my car and put the box in the seat next to me and began to cry. Why do these beautiful creatures hold on to our hearts so tightly? I so wish I could see her hang her head out the car window trying to catch the air with her Boxer lips flapping in the wind. I kissed the box and put her on my lap and drove home.

For now, Stella sits on our mantle in the family room. We will take her to a few favorite spots...the beach, a sunny spot in our garden, and maybe a beautiful vineyard in the hills. We also will be sending some of her ashes to Rainbow Bridge Hearts. Rainbow Bridge Hearts is a creation studio out of Seattle where their artists create beautiful glass memorial Hearts and "Tennis Balls" to help us hold our memories forever. This was a gift from Stella's Brother Zephyr's family, Carrie, Paul, and Nike. Such a touching, sweet gift from the heart. We are truly grateful!

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