Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Taking a Blogging Break

Now that beer week is over I am faced with a difficult decision. I need to take a break from blogging — for a few reasons:
  • I have three blogs, Travels with StellaDelightfully Inspired Living, and Sipped in California.  Do I keep them all? Do I change things up a bit on each? Drop one or two?
  • I wanted to re-focus on my life, my home, and my family and enjoy it without spending time thinking about the blogs.
  • My beautiful Boxer girl Stella is twelve years old, has Degenerative Myelopathy and sadly won't be with us too much longer.  I am sad and want to focus on spending time with her.
  • I am headed into my big fundraising season for the Alzheimer's Association as well as co-chairing a couple of big events at my daughters school.  I need time to plan and organize so I can give 100 percent.
  • We've come up with a few big ideas for Sipped in California and are excited to spend time focusing on and perfecting them.
I certainly would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Your thoughts are what motivate, inspire, and make me think.

Would anyone consider submitting a guest post? If so, please contact me at sippedincalifornia@gmail.com.  I will have a guest post scheduled every Thursday. Posts should be submitted a week prior to posting for approval.

So it's not goodbye...just a farewell for a little while.  I will occasionally post our travel adventures, take my much-needed breather, and be back full of fun stuff for Travels with Stella!  


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