Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anderson Valley California

Oooo we've got the itch for a Travels With Stella Getaway and I know just the place...Boonville! Located the heart of Anderson Valley, this area is full of "dog friendly" activities and places! Stella and I think this would be the perfect Birthday gift for our favorite guy and best dog walker ever, Kevin!

What To Do?

Anderson Valley Brewing Company: Home to various events and activities throughout the year, this top-award winning brewery features carefully crafted ales of the highest caliber - and Kevin's favorite!. They also have an 18 hole Disc Golf Course right on the grounds, and a gift shop and visitor center. Dogs are welcome around the grounds and on the course.

Boont Berry Farm: This organic farm and store has even been seen on TV as a "Pet Friendly Place" and welcome their four-legged visitors. Dogs are allowed around the farm and store areas. Natural foods and locally grown organic produce. They make their own bread and pastries and serve espresso, salads and hot entrees, cakes and natural and organic deli and juice items. There are some street side tables for outdoor dining and watching the world go by.

Roederer Estate:Nestled into Mendocino's rolling hills and surrounded by vineyards, Roederer Estate is barely visible from the roadway. The rustic exterior may not be what one expects from the venerable House that created Cristal. Although the company could easily have built an elaborate showplace, Roederer's natural beauty and the relaxed charm of the Anderson Valley. Roederer Estate Brut is the first California sparkling wine to be produced by Champagne Louis Roederer, further building upon a 200-year tradition of fine winemaking from this family owned company. Roederer's unique winemaking style is based on two elements: complete ownership of its vineyards and the addition of oak-aged reserve wines to each year's blend or cuvée.

Foursight Wines: This small family owned and operated winery specializes in Pinot Noir and Anderson Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Well mannered hound and human-friendly leashed dogs are allowed on the grounds and in the tasting room. Stella will LOVE this!

Zina Hyde Cunningham Winery: Some of the specialties of this scenic winery include a Bordeaux Cepage blend, Carignane, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, and Petite Sirah. Dogs are allowed around the property, but not in the tasting room. That's OK. We love sitting outside and enjoying a nice glass of wine!

Where to stay?

Featured in Sunset Magazine - Sheep Dung Properties: Don't let the name fool you! A pair of idyllic ranches in the picturesque Wine Country of Northern California about 100 miles north of San Francisco. Privacy and quiet of the country in simple but elegant cottages. Canines welcome! The Other Place is 2.5 hours north of San Francisco off Highway 128 on a ridge above Boonville in the spectacular Anderson Valley. Long Valley Ranch is two hours north of San Francisco off Highway 101 near Ukiah on the Boonville Road or Highway 253.

Their only requirement is that you bring a sheet to cover the down comforter if your canine gets on the bed. In the wet monthes, you will need plenty of dog towels for after a romp in the hills.

Each of the cottages has several acres around it fence for canine security. Out countryside offers canine opportunities not found in city parks: scent and sightings of deer, rabbits, wild turkeys and birds of prey to mention a few.
Yes, they do have ticks in the rainy season and the summer golden hills bring foxtails. They mow extensive areas around the cottages to minimize foxtails.

The Boonville Hotel - A Modern Roadhouse in Anderson Valley, California. Simplicity by design is the what and why of the boonville hotel
at the Boonville Hotel, they have their own ideas about what makes a satisfying getaway. They have pared down to the basics, then make those basics anything but.

Of course this goes without saying... Be a responsible Pet Owner - Your Dog must be well mannered, leashed, and cleaned up after.

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